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SALUDOS DESDE EL Progressieve Suriname Volkspartij

Dear Friend(s),


From our humble home we send you wishes for themerriest of Christmases. That this day may be passed in harmony with the idea it was intended. The Savior was born, the one who later gave his live for all mankind.

We also pray for you, our friend(s), that the comming year, the year of our Lord 2009, will be one in which we will do more for mankind.

Keeping in mind that the smallest thing we do for each other, we do for our Lord. Lending a helping hand will bring us, as a community, ahead in live When we make progress, not primarily financially, the community progresses with us.

We pray for all who need our help, that they may find our door, where we will do all we can to help them. As we know they will do the same for others

Knowing this the year ahead will be a year where the so needed progress for you as a person and the community as a whole will be a prosperous one.

A Merry Christmas an Prosperous 2009 to you.


Fedor Bottse


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